Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Heat for AFRICA: The Liberian Connection

You might want to ask us, "How did this all happen"? Well it was a combination of the prophetic word, people speaking their heart, and others hearing the call within!

This is how I recall it. I met Carol Kipp about two years ago now, at a WOW conference. We were on a prophetic team who were to give words of encouragement to women seeking God. Heaven only knows the reason I was asked to participate in this conference. I believe it was to meet Carol. That is where our relationship began. Later on the Lord spoke through her and she said I was called to Africa…. Oh my, I knew deep down in my heart she was right.

I will fast forward to the events of May 2007. Dick and I were traveling back to Rhode Island and stopped off in North Carolina to meet with Carol and Alan. This was the first time the four of us got together. I believed the Lord would have us encourage Alan in health and well being. Then Carol gave us another prophetic word telling Dick that he was called to teach and we were to go and do crusades overseas—Africa came up again!

Now there is a student at Rhode Island College Dick has had the pleasure of knowing for the last four years. Nyah Gonkar has an intriguing story on how he has come to the United States from Zahn Clan Nimba County, Liberia. He escaped the civil war by the love of God and became a US citizen. Since then he has been reunited with relatives in the states as well as back in Liberia. His testimony will be posted at another time. Well, in October 2007, while attending a Web development course Dick was teaching, Nyah began to share his deepest desires about Liberia and the possibilities of creating a Website about his village to in some way help his brothers and friends in Liberia.

Later that same week, we received a call from another young gentleman from Liberia who had been in the states for ten months attending school in Georgia. He found our ministry while reading The Good News Today, a local Christian newspaper published in Rhode Island. Kelvin met with us and Nyah to tell us of his ministry in Africa. He is beginning the process with our ministry to gather the information we need to pursue a working relationship with his ministry. Two Liberian connections in the same week!

Dick asked Nyah to find out how we could speak with the pastor at his village. Within a week, Nyah had set up a conference call with the Associate Pastor Alphanso Boore. It was a brief conversation early on a Sunday morning. They have a cell phone, but only have coverage in one spot in the village. The calls have to be scheduled so they know when to listen. The three most important things he said they needed were Bibles, transportation (motorcycle or bicycles), and supplies for the children like paper and pencils. There are no vehicles in the village and they need the bikes to get to the nearest town, which is an eight-hour walk. In their village, they have No electricity, No running water, No bathrooms, and mud homes with thatched roofs.

Meanwhile in North Carolina, our friend Carol received a prophetic word that she is to learn the black culture, and that she will be sent to the area that has been affected the most by the civil war, Liberia, and that a man named Moses would set a path for her to begin churches. We spoke of this over the phone and began to get excited together with what she knew in her heart and what was happening with us. Just think, we would do crusades and she and others would follow up by planting churches.

At the same time, Nyah spoke with his brother in Liberia about getting a Post Office Box as a means for us to begin to send packages to them. As it turned out, Moses is name of the gentleman that will be checking and delivering packages to Nyah's brother, Earnest. Moses will be very helpful with housing and setting things up for us when we visit. Does that sound familiar? The prophetic word our friend received about Moses. Yes, God already has Moses in place!

Many of the people in the village are farmers who sell and barter for other goods in town. Their village consists of about 2,000, men women and children. About 150 of which are church going people.

We were told that a missionary came into their village in the 1800s and set up a church. They have had little interaction with other Christians for fellowship or Spiritual strength. I could hear the plea in his voice. They speak Mono in the village and English. The Senior Pastor, Peter does not speak English.

We are moved with compassion to have a relationship with these loving people of God.. The task is much too big for us alone; yet I know that God has it all planned. He got us this far. A week ago we received a video of the people of the village and their church service. Viewing this video, you would be moved as we are to reach out and touch them in some way. We will be happy to share it with those who are drawn to helping the Yekehyee Inland Church.

Since then friends of ours told us of a Pastor in Florida that will be going Liberia! It was time to get the word out for people to begin to pray for God to open doors that no man can shut and close those that are not in His plan.

Another friend of mine, Pam told me she had packets she and her daughter put together with some Sunday School Children. She has donated ninety of these packets. Each includes toothpaste, brushes, crayons, a little car for boys and hair ties for girls, stickers, and pencils!

We have been in touch with Pastor Tony and his missionary team from Florida. We met Tony through our son and daughter who live in North Port, Florida. Amazingly enough, the timing is perfect. Tony told us he would most definitely meet with them at the village and deliver these packets to them. Dick and I will be going to Florida in December and will be taking these packets with us. God's timing! There is no striving here. God is making a way to reach and answer people's prayers from this Liberian Tribe.

Thus far, our offerings have been small packages of books of John, a Thompson Chain Reference Bible, an NLT Bible and a number of New Testaments, two children's Bibles, some pencils, healing cloths, and our books. There is much more to do. Much more to praying to do—for them and for those who will be touching their lives.

The work had not begun yet.. Is He tugging on your heart to contribute to this work, or perhaps to go to Africa and visit the village delivering a message of the love of Christ? Do you want to help build their school? Maybe you could contribute to the drilling of a well, purchase bicycles or even a motor bike?

As time goes on, I will be adding to this Liberian blog telling you of the progress and process. Please, pray and seek God about participation in this great adventure the Lord has us all on.

You might have your story to add…

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