Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fine Wine in 2009

We the people voted in the White House CHANGE! And I am sure it will be Change that we shall get. I pray the Hand of God is on our President and his staff. We shall all pray! May God's guidance, love and mercy be upon us and those who are our nation's leaders. So we voted for Change! God is all about Change. Are we ready for the change that is to come and are we ready to Change?

As we leap into 2009 remember CHANGE is at hand.

Fine Wine in 2009

Mighty, mighty fine 2009
Change your whine
Toward the divine
Change your state of mind!
And have some fine, fine wine
Reminding you this—As the Son shines
You will have peace of mind
In 2009

Be conscious of your traditions and the Lord's. Change your atmosphere into a climate where you and He can abide. The Stronghold of His presence will make a rest in the habitation of praise. There you and He will cultivate a harvest of fine wine.

Blessings of Greatness in 2009.

For the Lord is our shelter, He is our peace and our rest, and in Him we shall take refuge!


Are you a living contradiction: Do your traditions portray your beliefs?

Sometimes we are held in bondage by our traditions, religious mindsets, or the family traditions we have grown up with that are not in line with the Bible or our beliefs.

When we became a believer our life was destined for change. Believe it or not change happens if we want it or not. We are born; we grow old (hopefully), and then die. From the beginning of life we begin our change. Some call that growth. Yet others have a hard time when they reach the age of 30 or 50 and so on. I remember our daughter Lori telling me she did not want to grow up. She did not want to have the responsibility that adults have! Interesting for a ten year old to say, yet at that age she knew she did not have a choice and she would have to CHANGE!

Today I am speaking of spiritually change. When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it is called metamorphous! What a change! It is similar to what God does to us. He causes a death to the old to bring forth something new.

If you live in New England you can watch the trees change! The turning color of the leaves is called photosynthesis. They begin as buds, turn to green leaves, and then end the process by changing to the multicolored leaves ultimately dying leaving the tree barren until spring.

Change for Christians involves the hunger and longing we have for His Presence, His Love more than we have ever had before!

Contradiction occurs in our lives when our internal man presses forward to into God’s loving embrace and our old man continues in the same traditions and lifestyle it always had. Our mind can become paralyzed because of the traditions we confess oral. There is always a contradiction when we obtain new revelation in Christ Jesus. The revelation we obtain causes us to want CHANGE. With revelation we create a new TRADITION! We give up our old customs of culture and beliefs, surrender to the Lord and He leads us in a new life, a new way of living, and a new way of celebrating life. Therefore, our traditions should reflect the Word. Unfortunately most of our traditions are a contradiction to our New Life in Christ.

I wonder how much of what has been orally passed on through our generations has caused us to believe error—a contradiction to the Living Word. How much of what we believe today is an exaggerated truth that became unbiblical?

The way we "traditionally worship" has been passed down through the generations, and even though I changed my idea of worship over the years a lot of what I do is out of tradition. How about you? Is it Biblical or traditional? If we really stop and ponder this point, we can surmise that many areas of our life are carved out by tradition. In this Christmas season, I am reminded of how we celebrated Christmas as Children and then how we changed tradition to fit our own blended family.

As our children grew, it was tradition at Thanksgiving dinner that we would all say what we were thankful for. Now I think of those things each day! Is it tradition for you to attend Sunday service to receive from the preacher? Or is it now tradition to sit at the Lord’s feet yourself? Unfortunately, this is a mindset for most of the Church - many sit in the pew and allow another person to hear from God for them, rather than hear daily for themselves. There you have it – another tradition!

Today however, I am breaking OUT from tradition. I believe we can have church any day of the week - because we are the Church! I am not advocating that we stop attending worship on a weekly basis, but rather break out of tradition and have "church" every day. How can we do this? By worshiping God every day and acknowledging Him in our hearts on a daily basis. Our hearts must be intimately involved in worship - or else it is simply tradition. Again, it is a HEART issue. If our hearts are not engaged, then our worship becomes religious tradition. And when we attend a church service our hearts and minds need to be engaged.

I want to encourage you today to break out of the tradition of man and enter into the presence of the Lord. Enter into His tradition. If we were engaged with the heart of Christ, we would witness more and more of His presence supernaturally manifested in the world in which we live!

Let's look at Mark 7:6, 7, and 13 to better understand how Jesus felt concerning religious tradition:

He replied, "Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written: "'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.' …Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that." (NIV)

In other words, a relationship with God that is only through tradition can be hazardous and can hold us in bondage!

Be Prepared for Controversy and Contradiction.

Get ready for a shaking. Our mindsets concerning God and Church are going to be confronted by Heaven. The more we pray for His perfect will to be established, the more our traditions will be challenged to CHANGE.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Dear Dianne,
I could relate to the things that you asked if we could relate to. . .
Only recently have I had a breakthrough.  I've battled with depression for years and am finally realizing that the missing link was a "daily" walk with God and for me that is work.  Although, I am beginning to find it a pleasure to be "invited" into God's presense daily.  And I'm finding that as I "draw nigh to God, He is 'drawing' nigh to me." 
This is not only helping with the depression, but it is helping my relationships with people, as well as, my work ethics.  I can now say that I am "working as unto the Lord."  My current job is working with elementary age children in an after school program.
Although, the children are great, I don't believe working with children is my gift.  The burden God has put on my heart is for those who battle with depression.  He has brought me through a long journey to where I am to today and I believe God wants me to share with others my story in order to encourage them. 
I don't know as yet, how God is going to use me in all this.  However, at least for the time being, I encourage who I can on a one-to-one basis.
I mentioned above that God "has brought me through a long journey."  One of things I can relate to in your message is "laziness."  In the depression, I had the tendancy to "sleep to avoid life and pain."  And while in this state, I spent much time in bed.  In addition, I isolated myself from people who could have been there to help me, if I'd only take a "step of faith."
Thankfully, I've found a loving, caring group of people at my church.  Also, we recently had a "life course" (a course on various subjects for instance - budgeting) on "Overcoming Depression.  It was very, very helpful and I truly believe that I've had a breakthrough after suffering with depression for many years.
I look forward to how God is going to use me in my "work" with others.
Thank you for another message that I can "ponder in my heart."
God bless,