Friday, June 26, 2009

Container for Liberia: Not nearly enough

Hi you all,
This is to update you on what is happening with Liberia and the 20ft container! At the present we have over 50 boxes filled with school supplies, medical supplies, clothing, shoes, and of course toys.  We are in need of much much more!  We also have some chairs, a dresser, a night stand, headboard, mirror, and a twin mattress and box spring. and a kitchen table.  Medical supplies were donated by Dr Tom in Pawtucket.
We have spoken to Pastor Boor thru email a few weeks ago.  They are in great need of Bibles and glasses.  A box with a few of those items is being shipped as I type this to you all. We can use more eyeglasses and bibles.
Today we sent off two checks amounting to $495 to pay for duty etc on both ends. This is the proposal for the cost of the container:  $1700 for the container, $285 fee for delivering the container to be filled giving us 2 hrs to fill it then brought to the dock.  If we go over the 2 hr filling time allotted we will be charged $55 an hour. We expect to pay about $2500 by the time we get the container to the port.
The container is 1,171 cubic ft. which means 20 long X8 ft X 8ft.
First and foremost, pray, and search your heart about how you can contribute.  
Needless to say we need much much more to fill this container!  That is not to mention the funds to continue this process. At the present we have had $700 given toward ths project.  It has taken us to the initial processes and we have sent small box by mail with Bibles, camera, and glasses! 
We are looking for a place to store more supplies. in RI.  Nyah has come down and loaded his van--every square inch filled with boxes, and is coming back for the furniture.  At present Nyah will be storing things in his children's room at their house in MD. If we gather more supplies here in RI we will have to transport them to MD at the proper time for shipping. 
They are in need of bikes, sleeping bags, furniture etc.  clothing, summer and fall attire. Vitamins, aspirin are also good! Start the process and check out what you do not use any longer!  Used items are fine--matter of fact they are welcomed and appreciated. Get the things to us somehow, or at the place of storage in RI.  Dick and I have stored them up to now. As you all might know we are in the process of clearing out and moving themselves!  
So in a nutshell we are looking for servants to:
1. donate the money to make this happen
2. a home storage until we can get more things to MD for packing
3. Clothing, toys, furniture, rugs, paper goods, medical supplies, tools like hammers, nails etc.
4. Someone to assist in getting the material to MD for shipment
4. A team of people who will be willing to go on a mission trip there! (future)
The attached is a pic of some of the Zhan Clan village!  Pray for these people to be touch by the Love of Jesus as the Lord uses all of us to love on them.
Love you all Dianne

Monday, June 22, 2009

Relationships are intricate

Greetings and Blessings to all. 
Dick and I returned yesterday from the Father's Heart-Cry Weekend in Maine.  It was our honor and privilege to speak on our Father in Heaven's love for us and our response to that pure perfect love in our human way. You can find a review on the weekend at our website.
I have re-created the poster so that we could share that with you also.  Until we see face to face, May His blessings pour out upon you, dianne