Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Ant Brigade

By Dianne Evans, January 30, 2013

Living in Florida one gets to experience all type of bugs. Two of which come to mind. They are ghost ants, so tiny you hardly see them, and the other type, tiny, itsy bitsy black ants. They just seem to come from nowhere. They come to seek out a food source for their hive.

Yesterday, I caught these little buggers. They must have sent out their scouts and found a bag of cereal to obtain food. They were up and down the wall across the edge of the countertop onto the shelf above the stove where we keep unprotected cereal. Their aim was to survive by looting what was ours.

Just like satan, they come to infiltrate, war, and conquer. I have learned from past experience to make sure open boxes or bags of food are stored in ziplock bags or in sealed plastic containers. That is the armor for food. However, we also need armor to protect ourselves against the wiles of satan. Just as we use zip lock bags and plastic containers and throw away any old food stuff, we are to protect ourselves.

Man, I was not only skeeved out but furious that those ants got through and found a source of nutrition.

Satan is continuously looking for a place to inhabit, a place to corrupt and destroy in us. It could be in our minds. More often than not, that is where he begins. Such a subtle place to start. He begins to change our mindset. From positive to negative. From Godly to ungodly. From thoughts that are right and pure and just. And tries to change our character to from gentle and kind to critical and judgemental.

Satan is looking for weakness to penetrate. Just as those ants found a place to creep through the baseboard, satan finds an area of weakness in us. And in our bodies as well. Where is the weak area in your flesh? Begin to protect it. In the name of Jesus, call forth strength and wellness. And in the natural, fortify your body by eating right and exercising to become in better shape.

Your are a new creation, born again in Christ Jesus. Never forget who you are or that He is in you. You have the authority and power within to stay zip locked. In Christ, satan hasn’t a chance to get to you.


From Dianne’s journal, edited by her husband, Dick Evans 12-27-2016