Monday, February 20, 2012


The Kingdom of God is near! Prepare the way.

When some of us were growing up we were given the proverbial carrot. If you do well in such and such a subject you will receive, Chatty Cathy, Barbie Doll, plastic army men, Match Box cars, etc. Parents would bribe us with almost anything to have us study and achieve good grades. Even our teachers got in on the act. They would give us extra time in the library, candy, or a neat looking pencil.

Yes, we did get older and learned to dangle that carrot in front for ourselves. Wanting that new car, some new cloths, new home, a baby was the carrot to save our money. We would save up for an exotic vacation, trip to Disney with the family. We learned well, didn't we?

Then along came the day of our Salvation. There was no carrot there. There was nothing we had to do to achieve an everlasting relationship with Jesus. It is free to all who believe and confess with their mouth. Oh, the Kingdom of God is at hand! His righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Come Lord. Jesus come and become closer than a friend.

From that day forward all we have had to do is stay focused on the Cross and know we live in the Kingdom of God. All things are possible there. There is nothing we have to do to secure our salvation, to procure our healing. The Holy Spirit is the one who does all the work and we just follow along!

The problem comes when we lose our focus and loose our closeness with our Lord Jesus. Our ears become dull and our hearts become hardened by the kingdoms of this world. We replace His Kingdom with the kingdom of man. How did that happen? Was it because we were trained with the carrots of this world? Are we still trying to fill the void with those things? Are we trying to treat the things of God like the things of the world?

Maybe we can begin with our children and grandchildren. It is time to reward them out of love and not of possessions. Time spent in a fun loving environment is more effective than a Chatty Cathy or Match Box! Our Father in heaven bestows love upon us. In return we love Him and listen and obey. As we love Him His kingdom is present in our lives along with all those precious gifts He has for us! AMEN -- dianne

Seek Your Face 
By Robin Rumbolt 

In awe I come to seek your face; 
The garden is such a beautiful place; 
To walk with you and know your way; 
I listen to you every day. 

I need to hear your gentle voice; 
Your wisdom helps with the right choice; 
Your tender touch, 
Your warm embrace, 
Fills my soul as I seek you face. 

Psalm 16:11
You will show me the path to life,
abounding joy in your presence,
The delights at your right hand forever.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The River's Call

A Word of the Lord through Dianne Evans

"For years I have watched how you have entertained yourselves at My River's edge. So content, you are examining and re-examining My rock and shells and the way they glisten from the beaming light of My son's sun. Yet, I call unto you 'deeper, deeper!' You ignore My call and refuse to leave these simple things.

"Yes, there are others calf and knee deep in the River of My refreshing and exploring. I am watching you romping with the others in the faith. I see you splashing, laughing, and being filled with love and experimenting with the treasure I have given each of you. Again, I called out again and again: 'Come into the deep where you will experience My son to a fuller measure.' Again, I see a refusal to leave the safety of your friends and the fun you seem to have accomplished there.

"Oh, there are some who are waist to chest high. They stand alone. You know there is more. You have felt and sensed the Spirit sweep through your legs and tug at your heart. It is the current of My love entering you, enticing you. Deep calls to deep, my friend. I have whispered into your ears time and time again saying 'Come away with me and be carried off into the currents of love and expression I have for you.'

"This is a lonely place for you, and yet you refuse to be swept away with Me. You hear clearly yet you allow fear to drive your feet and ankles deeper and deeper into the muck and mire of My River. You stand in a fortress you have created for yourself, not to be moved or shakened. I am calling to you again: 'Come, come away with Me. Allow My Spirit to befriend you and guide you into the deep things I desire for you. Come away with Me into the River of Life and Love. I promise your life will never to be the same. Your destiny is awaiting and My Spirit is here for you. Release yourself and come!'"

Monday, February 6, 2012

Woman of Influence

As I think about Jesus I believe he was title less here on earth even if some called him teacher. Jesus was a man of influence.

Jesus lived a life displaying the truths His father in heaven gave Him. He lived a life without holding unforgivness up until the day He died. As He lived his life He went about sharing and spending quiet time in prayer.  I guess this gives us an idea about influence. Because Jesus lived in this manner He attracted those around and about him. There was a peace, a love, and an understanding of mankind that was displayed. One could not help be influenced by him.

So today what characteristics can we portray to be that woman of influence? This is what I see. You may want to add to this as time goes by.

A woman of influence walks and talks out of love and appreciation of others.  Her loving inner impression of heart is recognized through her uplifting words of encouragement.  She is a woman who is always looking for divine appointments and acting upon the direction of the Holy Spirit.

A woman of influence continues to tell and share her life with the Lord to others. She is fun loving and light hearted yet brings forth deep truths of the Spirit.

A woman of influence asks questions to those around her. She listens attentively and relates to their situation.

During tough times a woman of influence prays. She prays for others, herself, and the world in which she lives. She is a woman who realizes that Jesus Himself is the chief intercessor praying along with her interceding for the needs and hurts of His people.

A woman of influence has a compassionate heart that responds with mercy and grace.

Most importantly a woman of influence always leaves behind a vision and a purpose for those to hang on to. People know that there is something much more in their lives and they are here for a divine purpose.

Last but not least, a woman of influence has unconditional love for all. That is ALL. Just as Jesus healed all she displays unconditional love to all.

I aspire to become this woman of influence. Don't you?  Today we pray, Lord help me become that woman you intended me to be.  Bring me to an understanding on how my life can be lived as a woman of influence!  In Jesus name I pray.