Monday, May 28, 2012

The Supernatural Intervention of God!

Take a moment and think about what the Supernatural Intervention of God look like to you. What has to happen for you to recognize His supernatural touch in your life?

The Supernatural Intervention of God is always present in my life. Whither I witness His power flowing through my hands or in my body for my healing needs or you might say just to gaze at a sunset. He is there exposing His supernatural presence in every aspect of my life. As I look back upon my life I can see where God weaved His supernatural intervention by placing people in my life to share the Good News, to mentor me, to be used to miraculously heal my body, and as of late place me with the right doctors at the right time to extract a growth. Isn't He just amazing?

When the Lord first exposed His supernatural healing in my life, there was a major turnaround in my living and life style. I was sold out on Jesus to the point where some thought of me as a Jesus freak. That was fine with me.

I continued to firmly establish myself in Him, in His Word and tried to live by the Truth that was exposed (open in plain sight) to me. Establish means to institute (as a law) or permanently by enactment or agreement-to make firm and stable, and to introduce and cause to grow and multiply. That is for me.

Lord causes me to grow and multiply in Your supernatural nature! I continue to go deeper in Him and establish who I am by He who lives in me. I realize that my spirit man can tap into this supernatural provision for strength and stamina. Not only spiritually but physically I am able to have the capacity for endurance as well. Just as the Lord love endures forever, He also provides for us stamina (endurance) that can carry us through any trial.

Taping into this supernatural place requires one to eliminate the static of the day and focus just upon His mercy and grace. His loving presence is all I need. The Holy Spirit fills me with a new song for a new day! A spring in my step appears after a long battle of fatigue-and a cheerful word flows from my lips.

Today I pray Lord that you visit with us all bringing us to a new supernatural experience with your Holy Spirit encouraging and affecting us to give a new song to all those around us.

Monday, May 21, 2012

His Essence

Essence-the essence of something or someone is the main ingredient or main characteristic that makes up that thing or person.

With that in mind think on, contemplate, and meditate on your heavenly Father's essence. The Word tells us that God is Love. Therefore, His essence is Love. Without love He would not be who He is. Selah...

Now let your mind wonder about our Lord. He is awesome, all knowing, all powerful, and holy full of perfection and wisdom. He is gracious and understanding; a provider, the healer, merciful, and a conqueror! I am sure you can add to that list. Think about each of His qualities and what that means to you personally.

When we are established in Him we have access to all of His qualities and privileges. We become one with Him. Therefore our essence is Love! In Him we are safe and protected. In Him we are given exactly what we need. We become established-rooted-grounded in the Truth; established in the Love of Christ Jesus.

It is from this place we are able to extend Love and grace to others. From this place we can express ourselves. Gratefulness and forgiveness flows out of our bellies with a pure heart. From this place we are able to forgive others and be grateful for who they are in Christ.

We are all called to share the Gospel, the good news of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are all called to give an invitation with a Friend that will be there for all who ask forever and ever. It is then we begin to expand and grow in Him. Expand ourselves! Character change will happen because of Holy Spirit dwelling within us! It is impossible to keep the secret to ourselves. Jesus lives and he lived and died for all to attain abundant life in Him forever!

Know this my friends. When you are weak He is strong. When you are weary He lifts you up. When you are unsure He brings confidence. This day I pray all is made complete in Him for you and me, too. Blessings, dianne

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Meditation

Psalm 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God! (NLT)

Rest. Quiet yourself. RELEASE the woes of the day - all those things that distract you from My love and care. Things like pain, grief, controversy sickness, emotions, strife.

As those things are cast aside I will begin to RENEW your mind with My Word and My loving embrace. You will be RELEASED into another realm. A realm of authority over the things of this earth-released with power imparted by Holy Spirit. Strength and a confidence will not only embrace you, but fill you. It will become a part of the "new you".

RESTING in Me will be your new portion. A new place you will live out of. Nothing will rattle or shake you. For I have placed within you a NEW heart and a NEW character.

My grace is sufficient for you and your obedience will bring forth a NEW fruit that has been pollinated with My love. It will be a fruit no other has experienced until NOW.

So my child I say Rest in Me. Meditate on My word. Come up to this higher place I have RESERVED for you. Come and taste and see how Good I am to thee.