Saturday, March 28, 2009


Keep the Devil Where He Belongs — Under Your Feet!

And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. —Romans 16:20 King James

Are you tired of the devil blocking your way and causing all kinds of disruptions and problems in your life, such as problems in your relationships, finances, or health? How would you like to lift your foot high and then slam it down as hard as you can on top of the devil — pounding, hammering, trouncing, crushing, and smattering him to bits under your feet? Does that sound like something you wish you could do?

Believe it or not, the apostle Paul encourages you to do exactly that! It is about time that we arise to our rightful place--above our circumstances!

Notice that Paul says we are to bruise him under our feet "shortly." This word "shortly" is extremely important because it takes the whole picture to the next level. It tells us what attitude we must demonstrate the next time the devil tries to get in our way or block our path.

The sound of the stomping and pounding of your feet is the signal to let everyone know they need to get out of your way. And if someone is foolish enough to stand in your way — even if someone falls down in front of you — don't you dare stop to ask them to move! Just keep marching, stomping, and pounding, even if it means you have to walk right over them!"

So when Paul uses the word "shortly," he is referring to the pounding, stomping, and crushing steps of a Roman soldier. And remember, Roman soldiers wore shoes that were spiked with nails on the bottom. When a challenger stood in front of them — or if a person fell in their path — these soldiers would simply ignore the obstacle and keep marching, stomping, and pounding along their way, leaving the challenger or unfortunate person completely obliterated and trampled beyond recognition — an ugly, bloody sight.

What does all this mean for you and me today? It means the next time the devil tries to get in your way or block your path you shouldn't stop to politely ask him to move. If the enemy is stupid enough to challenge you and tries to hinder your plans, God tells you what to do in this verse: "Just keep walking! If the devil tries to stop you, just raise your feet high, pound down as hard as you can, and stomp all over him as you march forward. Crush and bruise him beyond recognition!"

Beware, Satan, "My boots are made for walking, stomping, and treading on anything that gets in the way of God's divine purpose in my life"

When Paul says, "The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet." He is speaking about a joint partnership between you and God. By yourself, you could never keep Satan subdued. But with God as your Partner, the devil has no chance of ever slipping out from under your heel! He is the God of PEACE! As we walk in His loving kindness those things that are contrary to His Word are stomped out!

The glorious truth is that Jesus already completely destroyed Satan's power over you through His death and resurrection. The devil was utterly smashed, crushed, and bruised when Jesus was victoriously raised from the dead. Your God-given mission now is to reinforce the victory already won and to demonstrate just how miserably defeated Satan already is!

The enemy may try to lord himself over you; he may attempt to exert his foul influence over your life. However, he is merely using empty threats and illusions to feed fear into your mind.

REMEMBER— the only place that rightfully belongs to the devil is the small space of ground right under your feet! Jesus accomplished a total, complete, and perfect work through the Cross and His resurrection from the dead. That means your healing, your miracle, or your financial blessing already belongs to you! The victory is already yours! 

Let's do some walken with Nancy Sinatra

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Do You Have the Right
To Demand Anything From God?

If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. — John 15:7 King James

Exactly how bold can you dare to be in prayer? Do you have the right to come into the Presence of God and make certain demands of Him? What are your rights, your limitations, and your boundaries when it comes to the issue of prayer?

Do you think some of Jesus' followers thought he was a bit obnoxious when He was speaking to the disciples about prayer? (John 15:7). The King James Version says, "Ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you." The word "ask" does not mean beg or plead. If we can ask, that means we must be in relationship with the Father. And as such, we request and even demand assistance to meet tangible needs, such as food, shelter, money, and so forth. On the other hand it does not give us permission to be arrogant or rude in this approach to God.. Our approach should be with honor and respect knowing we have a full expectation to receive what was firmly requested.--out of confidence of who we are in Christ and What the Word tells us we have a right to.

Jesus portrays someone who prays authoritatively, in a sense demanding something from God. This person knows what he needs and is so filled with faith that he is not afraid to boldly come into God's Presence to ask and expect to receive what he has requested.

Remembering the rest of this verse will keep us in proper perspective: "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you." Jesus knew that if His words would take up permanent residence in your heart and mind, you would never ask for something that is out of line with His will for your life. His Word will so transform your mind that your prayers will always be in agreement with what He has already said. In fact, this transformation process--the new you-- is what gives you the confidence to boldly come into God's Presence and make your requests known! You ask boldly because you already know it is what He wants to do!

When you know you are praying according to the will of God, you do not have to cower down sheepishly and utter your requests.. Rather, you can boldly assert your faith and expect God to move on your behalf! To tell the truth, God wants you to act boldly and courageously in prayer. He wants you to seize His will for your life and demand that it come into manifestation! He is just waiting for you to ask!

And don't think you can only come to God for spiritual blessings. Jesus plainly stated in Matthew 6:33 that if we seek the Kingdom of God first, God will see to it that all the material things we need are provided. On the other hand, James 4:2 teaches that believers often do not have what they need because they don't ask! So ask and be willing to do your part in acquiring those things.

Philippians 4:6 says, "Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." Paul has fallen in step with Jesus, as he urges us to be bold, authoritative, and commanding. However, he also tells us that our approach to God must not be rude and arrogant but rather filled with gratefulness and thanksgiving. Another scripture: Enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts! This means we should have a thankful, grateful heart as we come to make our requests known.

As you allow God's Word to take an authoritative role in your heart and mind and you give that Word the freedom to transform your thinking, your mind will become renewed to God's will. When that happens, it will cause you to pray in accordance with His plan for your life. Once you are in this position, you are ready to experience the blessing.

That is when you can begin to boldly, courageously, and confidently move into higher realms of prayer to obtain the petition you desire of God! As you make your bold requests known to God, take the time to show your respect by thanking Him for all He has done in your life!


if this message helps you understand prayer and the role you play let us know! You can be a blessing to others by sharing what was revealed to you!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Clear the CLUTTER and receive the PEACE

I wrote a while back about getting into a place of rest so we may hear God more clearly! Today I want to talk about some of the natural things to do to begin to open those doorways to God. Remember that one cannot get to the doorway when clutter is in the way! Well at least the clutter can either prohibit us from getting there or make it difficult at best.


All the stuff we own and all the stuff we save, or collect, even our occupation do not equal who we are. Sometimes we even continue to strive to gather things around us. Why do we do that? Perhaps we do so for comfort or to complete us in some way. The fact is stuff does not define who we are. When we put all those things aside are we steady and true? Are we complete?


Where do we find peace? Is it on vacations, playing sports, physical activities, reading, gardening, extra sleep, or what?. Give this some thought. What is it that you do to recharge your battery? What do you do to get you ready for the next jaunt in life? Now there is more to recharging than those activities. Some may think begin involved in Church activities and being with like believers recharge them. The fact of the matter is we were born to worship and give praise to God. You might think I am sounding religious, but it is true. We were made by God to do just that..


God has given us a limitless ability to love, but there must be a place for us to find that calm center of peace. To live a life of love and sharing that love is my goal. How do we begin to find that quietness to achieve that state of mind?


Here are some things in the natural to consider. What comes to mind when you hear the word clutter? Perhaps suffocating, or not being able to breathe. Clutter seems to suck the life out of any space including our minds. Imagine walking into a cluttered room--anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, lack of concentration—you just want to get up and run out of there? When clutter occupies space there is less light occupying that space--literally and metaphorically speaking. I remember reading somewhere that it is impossible to have a clear clean inner space when things in the natural are chaotic and disorganized. So I suggest you begin with your outer space and then turn toward the inner you.


Ok then here are my suggestions:


1.       Commit yourself to finding time each day to un-clutter your natural world and then each day to un-clutter your inner mind, perhaps by taking a quiet walk, listening to soothing music, listening to spiritual scripture in song, or whatever reaches you!

2.       Organize. Take a reality check about your living space and your mental space! What occupies your time and what is most important? What is meaningless and what is fruitful?

3.       Communicate to those whom you love-- friends, family, work associates and most importantly communicate with the Lord. If you have an immediate family, try incorporating this search for peace within their lives. Bring these values to the table with them and begin to practice clearing the clutter in the natural and spiritual.

4.       Set boundaries. When you have deciphered what is most important and what can be stripped from your life, stick to your boundaries. Hang onto that DREAM of living a life of LOVE and Peace.

5.       Live by FAITH. That is live the life you know God wants of you for you to remain in His Love. Make a list of tasks that are overtaxing you brain and prioritize. Remember God first, then family, then job and activities in and outside of church!


Give it a try for a few weeks and send me some feedback to encourage others!


Keeping you all in prayer!




Saturday, March 21, 2009

Don't Let anyone steal your DREAM!

 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised).

—Hebrews 10:23


What do you want God to accomplish through you in this life? What are the dreams and aspirations you think about--day-dream about? For some of us we think the time of dreaming of future things to do and accomplish are over. Yet in these years of our life I believe we have not begun to walk out in what God has in store. Have you considered the possibility that these daydreams may in fact be the will of God for your life — dreams He placed deep down inside your spirit that are starting to be awakened? Is it possible that this is the timing for God's dream for your life to be ignited in your soul?


Dreams are powerful. They usually seem impossible at first, but those who dare to do the impossible are the ones who eventually see the impossible come to pass in their lives. This is more than PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). It is one way the Lord awakens our minds to His purpose. Everything great starts as a dream. Consider the example of Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Abraham our spiritual forefather and, yes, consider Jesus! Their dreams came to pass, and they changed the course of human history.


What if these brilliant men had given up and given in to discouragement? What an honor they hold in their lives and in the future for all of us!


There are many biblical examples of individuals who had a dream. For instance, let's consider the dream God gave Abraham — called the father of our faith — regarding a new land and a new people. Abraham and his wife had long been infertile and unable to conceive a child. When God first spoke to him about the son He would give him, the thought of having a baby probably seemed like an unattainable fantasy to them. They could have asked themselves, Is this really the plan of God for our lives, or is this a hallucination? How about Peter and his vision of the sheet and the unclean animals? Did that not open a new avenue of Ministry for him?


At any moment, it would have been so easy for Abraham and Sarah to say, "Enough is enough! Pack it up — we're going back home to the city of Ur!" But instead of giving in to defeat and discouragement, they held tightly to the dreams God had put in their hearts and kept pursuing those dreams until they had witnessed their fulfillment. It would have been easy for Peter to say forget that vision, considering it as a pizza dream, and not deliver the Gospel to the Gentiles!


If you want to see the dream God has given you fulfilled in your life, it is imperative that you have this same attitude. As Hebrews 10:23 says, stand in the Word of God and know in your heart what He has promised you!


When we hold fast to a dream, we take it and lock it into our heart of hearts.. We water it with the Word of God and we nourish it with a plan and unique loving desire to serve. God told us to subdue the earth. We are also to take those dreams and make them adhere to the Word of God.


When I get a dream I take possession of it; I own it. I might not know all the particulars but I do know if it is meant to be it is up to Thee!


This is the attitude you must have if you want to see your God-given dream come to pass. You have to wrap your arms around that word from God and never stop believing and pursuing your dream until it comes to pass. Don't let your dream get away from you! Hold on until it comes to pass for you!


The word katecho in Hebrews 10:23 could be interpreted this way:

And let us hold fast to our confession, tightly wrapping our arms around it and embracing it with all our might, rejecting all attempts of anyone who tries to steal it from us."


When you finally discover God's will for your life — when His plan finally begins to awaken in your heart and you know exactly what you are to do — hold fast to that dream. Tightly embrace what God has shown you. Seize it — wrap your arms of faith around it. Hold it down, and hold it tight!


Whenever you are tempted to get discouraged, give up, and release your dream, remember Abraham and Sarah. Although it took them some time to receive their dream of a son, and although they had to overcome titanic hurdles along the way, they refused to let go of that dream and eventually saw it come to pass. In the end, they discovered that their dream was not a hallucination; it really was a word from God!


If you'll hold tight and refuse to let go of YOUR dream, it will just be a matter of time until you see it come to pass! Place all your weight on top of that dream so that NOTHING can steal it away from you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Stick Your Neck Out

Commit Yourself to Someone!

And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.
—2 Timothy 2:2

Can you think of an occasion when you were hurt by someone so badly that you were tempted to think, That's it! I'll never give my heart to anyone like that ever again! It could have been a relative, friend, employee or even a church pastor, or brother or sister in Christ. And you think, This hurts too much to go through this a second time. I have had all the abuse I can take, and I will never put my neck back on the chopping block again!

I think everyone has been through heart-wrenching experiences of betrayal, disloyalty, deception, and unfaithfulness in their relationships with others. Sometimes people put on one face in front of you but show a very different side when they are out of your presence. If you are religious, you might even say they are double minded. Maybe it was a close friend you thought would be faithful to you forever; but then that person walked out on you, stabbing you in the back as he exited! Or perhaps you had a trusted friend whom you confided in, but they violated your trust by repeating all the private things you had shared with him/her.

There is no doubt about it — it hurts when you find out that certain people in your life have been unfaithful, especially if they were people who you sincerely believed would be loyal to the end. These feelings of hurt must be exactly what Timothy felt as he was serving as senior pastor of the church in Ephesus. After investing his life into his group of leaders for three years — spending time with them, loving them, caring for them, teaching them, forgiving them, and literally pouring his whole heart and soul into them, as pastors are required to do — Timothy correctly expected a return on his investment. In other words, he expected those leaders to stay with him forever!

The return Timothy anticipated from his leaders was commitment and faithfulness. For those same men to deny him their loyalty after all he had poured into them was a flagrant violation of relationship, yet that is precisely what they did. The majority of those leaders walked out of the church and deserted Timothy.

Many of those who left the church of Ephesus were the leaders Timothy had trained and poured his life into. Timothy thought he could count on these leaders to serve at his side in both good and hard times. But now hard times had come, and the ones he had assumed he could trust walked out and abandoned him. Yea, I can relate to that.

Yea, Timothy like ourselves is human. Paul tells him in so many words to get over it. Yes, get over it. Dig into what you know God has for you and do it again.

I can think of times past when I thought Forget it! I've already been through this pain once, and I don't like the idea of going through it again.

But when you have a large undertaking ahead, you know it's not possible to do the job alone. Therefore, if a person has been hurt, he eventually has to get over it, choose new leaders and friends, new employees, and start over again.

So whether you are building a house, investing in people's lives, extending yourself in the workplace we have to carry on. When we commit ourselves to a task, we also commit ourselves to the men and women who walk along side of us. Our relationships with people need to be open and true. We should consider our commitment to the Lord and do what the Lord calls us to do.

Just as Timothy was required to push aside his hurt and pain and to make himself vulnerable to a new group of leaders, we are called to do the same.

To Love God and love God's people, we are called to invest, trust and love again. Because of Timothy's past experience with leaders who had defected, this order from Paul may have been one of the scariest thoughts the younger minister had ever had. The task may be placed in front of you as well. Will you take the challenge?

You might be asking Isn't this taking things one step too far? Does God really expect me to stick out my neck all over again after I've been hurt? But that is exactly what Paul was telling him to do — and it's what you must do as well! Stick out your neck and your heart, and try again!

Your future depends on how well we are able to connect and work with other people. Do not let the pain from past experiences paralyze you today. Put the past away; decide to quit focusing on how others have failed you; and begin to search for a new group of people or friends so you can start over again. Do not give satan victory over you — paralyzing and immobilizing you, effectively preventing you and your gifts from ever being fully realized. Don't give satan the pleasure of that victory!

It is time for you to grab hold of the power of God and emerge from your place of hiding! It may be true that a person or a group of people hurt you in the past, but there are friends out there who are just waiting for you. They are the ones who will be faithful and steadfast all the way to the end. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and direct you to them. Once you connect with them, you will be so thankful you didn't hide from relationships for the rest of your life and took the bold step to start all over again!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How are you Wired?

Sitting and contemplating on my life's service I have begun to examine my heart. An electrician can better explain circuitry, fuses, circuit breakers, hard wiring and remotes. I am not an electrician but I am a student of the Word.


Today the Lord is dealing with the wiring of my heart and the basis of my faith. There is a difference between slavery to the Law and liberty of the Gospel. According to our faith--so be it. When doing is a pleasure we are no longer are living under slavery; we are living under liberty and freedom of choice. When doing is a pleasure we are no longer living under slavery or law. We are released from the letter of the law unto grace.


The one whose conscience thunders under violent condemnation is in bondage to the Law and he hopes to obtain heaven by obeying. Yet there are some who are prodded and obey because they love to serve.


What motivates your heart? Is it selfishness to obtain heaven or selflessness given to love? Are you moved by hopes, fears, and commands? If so you have remained a convicted sinner. There are many today who say they are Christians and depend in Christ for their salvation, yet their faith does not work out of love.


Now there are Christians who profess their faith in Jesus Christ and sit around waiting for His return. No works are present. These Christians are called Antinomians. Others are faking it until they make it. They produce many works yet have no faith. They are legalist.


As I contemplate, I believe there was a time in my life when I vacillated from one extreme to the other. I lacked the conception of His Love and His Holiness given to me so that I too can walk in love and holiness. The Lord intercedes for us out of the Love of the Father. My heart had been awakened to that Love many years ago before my healing. Make way for the Lord--repent and repent I did. I changed my thoughts of anger and resentment toward myself and others. My heart began to acquire the Lord's Love. My love towards God grew with the amount of His love I allowed to flow into myself. His love began a new work within me.


I was not waiting to feel right before I moved forward nor did I move forward to presume to receive the right feelings. I was just being me--in love with Jesus while I received His love. I found the position I was to assume was to be me; to be a host of the living God, holy and loving allowing the Spirit to lead me to the works the Father has for me.


So how are you wired? By law and commands or by feelings waiting to move?


The true Christian is stirred and activated into serving Christ through love. He moves with Holy fire that burns within his belly. When the Holy One abides in you, you are stable and durable in your faith!


If your religion is that of law, you will move out of conviction and move only for the present moment.


Are you anxious to get to heaven or do you fear the other side? Do you believe you are only meant to enjoy heaven and not earth? Do you have no enjoyment other then in hope? Or are you realizing that the very substance of heaven has begun in your soul? Are you disinterested in love to God and man? Does your faith consist of the pursuit of happiness as the great end?


May I remind you that the fruits of the Spirit are love, peace, and joy. There is no condemnation in True Christianity. Remember too that he who does not have the Spirit of Christ is nothing to Christ.


I plead with you be Holy as He is Holy. Love as He loved. The Jews have failed and lived by the law; hence the birth, death, and resurrection! And now some of us today know nothing of TRUE Christianity. Do not be ignorant of the Living Word.. Receive it by faith and walk in true LOVE.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Be REAL

The Real deal!  

Real to me means to be honest, no masks, no faking it till you make it! All I know is that I want to be the Real Thing, Genuine, and pleasing to God. To me, that is real.


Well the other day this acronym came to mind. It will definitely help us to remain, become, and grow in His reality.




Reach for the Love of the Father. When we are open to receiving God's love anything is possible.




Experience the Love of the Father. I can not think of a more excellent way to become transformed into the image and likeness of God Himself. His love is everlasting, forgiving, encouraging and life changing.




Activate the Love of the Far in our lives. Just because the Father first loved us we in turn Love ourselves as He loves us. When that takes hold in our lives, we are able to LOVE others as He loves them. Remembering too that Perfect Love casts out all fear!




Live a life that remains in His Love. What a comforting bubble to be in, secure and nested within the Lord Himself, perfectly confident of that Love, so confident that no man can take away what the Lord has done, is doing, and will accomplish within us and for us!


So the next time someone tells you to be real, let R E A L letn it be a reminder of LOVE of God does all things! 

 Let us all be REAL.

Love you all, Dianne


Saturday, March 7, 2009

How Do You Taste?

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. (Revelation 3:16)

In the summertime in Florida, the weather can be bit of a sauna! Taking a shower in hot water is always great for me but, I tend to ad a zest of cold water before I come out! How refreshing it is. I also enjoy jumping into the cool ocean up north in the scorching heat of the summer! Seems very COLD then it wakes up all my cells and my body seems to cry out how great thou art!

I have read about others who slip into a hot sauna and then run out into the freezing cold and roll in the snow! WOW, a bit much? It is said that the purpose for this practice is to get their blood moving! You can say that again. I also find it enjoyable to rest in a tub of lukewarm water. I find that relaxing. But, going from sweltering "hot" to freezing "cold" is just too much for me!

The words to the Laodiceans in Revelation 3:16 remind me of the Hot Springs here in Florida. They are said to be very therapeutic; even improving one's health. Once one experience these springs they submerge themselves in cold refreshing water. Laocdicea had waters that were neither hot nor cold; therefore the waters were rather dead and pungent to the smell.

I believe the Lord used the condition of their water to express how their spiritual condition was. "Because you have become so dead, dull, sickening and nauseating — because no spiritually refreshing waters flow from you and you have no healing properties left — I will spue thee out of My mouth!" Spue is a word to mean almost to the point of vomiting—gagging and spitting them out of His mouth!

It reveals how utterly distasteful a spiritually lukewarm condition is to Jesus. The fact that these believers were lukewarm means they were not good for anything. They were neither cool and refreshing, nor were they hot and healing. They were just stuck in the middle, like something that has lost both its flavor and its heat along the way.

It is very evident how God feels about a lukewarm spiritual walk. You see, with God there is no middle ground. But if you have allowed your walk with God to become lukewarm, you can reverse that unpalatable—abominable condition! God has tossed the ball into our court, and now it is up to us. He is calling us to repent of our lukewarm attitude. Go after the things of God with all your heart, soul, and strength!

If we are not growing we are stagnant! If we are stagnant we are going to be spued out of God's mouth!

Let us pray for a refreshing so that as God tastes us it is a burst of mint exploding on His pallet!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Church and the Bible

As Christians we are to learn through frequent reading of the Scriptures, the whole Bible including Old and New Testaments. The excelling knowledge of Jesus Christ is divine and being ignorant of the Scriptures is being ignorant of the Christ!

Remember too that prayer should be accompanied by reading and applying the Holy Word of God as found in the Scriptures.  In that way God and man can walk together agreeing on His purpose and plan for our lives.. As we pray we are really sharing our innermost thoughts, our desires, sorrows, and joys. We hear God more clearly when we are regularly reading His divine Word!

These are days to build character.  It is like working out in a gym. It hurts at first then it is pleasurable. It is pleasurable not only for us but for the Lord as well.  For aren't made for His divine PLEASURE?

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Key to Successful Living

The key to successful living is to discover God's presence.  It is a place of calm, peaceful rest. In that rest comes His wisdom-grace all wrapped up in His love.  LOVE, unspeakable, Joy unspeakable! Peace unspeakable but never forgettable!


After that day of our salvation, we are to begin our faith walk. Salvation as we know is a FREE gift. Hence, from that starting point, we pay the price to walk in faith. For each of us it is a different walk, however, the outcome is the same.


Just as the Lord told Lot and his wife "don't look back", we are to walk and not look back.  We are never to look back, glance back, or desire those things of the past. We are never to return to a life of sin and destruction.


We now have the responsibility to live a life of clarity in Christ. Crystal blue persuasion… The Holy Spirit is crystal clear and persuades us into the purity and righteousness of Christ. Our natural life begins to align itself with our inner man. We are not to live an outer fa├žade or fake life of Christianity. What the Holy Spirit is looking for is our heart attitude and that is in our inner man. It is not in our flesh yet.


Jesus reminds us of this in Mark 7:7

'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far away. Their worship is a farce, for they replace God's commands with their own man-made teachings.' (NLT)


You might wonder what happens when you get into His presence. In the life of Jesus, you will see repeatedly how he retreats to a quiet place to rest, pray, and fast. He was getting into that quiet presence of the Father!  That is why he could say I do nothing on my own; I do what the Father tells me!  Before Jesus began his ministry, he prayed and fasted in the desert for 40 days! He defeated Satin's earthly temptations. When he returned, Jesus began a magnificent ministry.    In between times of teaching, preaching, and healing Jesus retreated by himself and sometimes with his disciples to get in that quiet place of peace and prayer.


If you have not experienced that special place in His presence, I challenge you to seek the hunger and thirst by praying, fasting, and repenting  through guided imagery what the Lord has for you!


You will seek and knock, and the door will be opened to you.  It will be a time well spent.  Then you will be ready for service! Your time, your energy, your money, your word, your life will be Lords and you and He will dispel every evil thing bringing light wherever you go!

RESPONSE: Strategies

Hi Dianne, I say Amen to that, to many people let the news control there lives. They need to get about the Fathers busness and let that shape there lives.  God bless Paul

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Contrite Heart

There are teachings and warnings about a contrite heart—a heart that is sensitive and humbled towards God. That is a warning and teaching for all of us to take very seriously and hold near to our hearts. It is the foundation of our salvation. Our heart attitude allows the Holy Spirit to live and occupy and to produce fruit in our natural man!


The Word also warns us of false teachings--the twisting of scripture to uphold man's theology and to support man's ego.  Many may ask "How will I know the difference?"


This is what I have to say to that:

1.       We must be born again.  We must have a personal relationship with Jesus and live a life of reformation.

2.       We must be in God's Word and know the nature and character of our Father God and His Son and of course the Workings of the Holy Spirit.

3.       We must practice Listening and Obeying what the Holy spirit is guiding us into or away from; Listening and Obeying the commands to carry out His will; Listen and Obey the Spirit of God whom dwells within. How do we know what we hear aligns itself to the written Word of God?

4.       Remain true to our faith.  Read 1Timothy 1:16 to the end.  Hold on to it and "exercise" it!


We cannot leave the teaching and maturing to those who preach and teach us.  We must rely on the Holy Spirit to do the Work Within. He alone will surly lead and guide us into all truth.


Spiritual strength and discernment come only through practice.  We need to develop our faith through consistent effort and daily discipline.  


2 Timothy 2:2 NLT

You have heard me teach many things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Teach these great truths to trustworthy people who are able to pass them on to others.


Then you are ready to duplicate your efforts by example and by personal testimonies of the present time!