Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am a Tuffy too

It has been said that as a dog grows and matures one can see the resemblance with it and its master. I know I have commented on how Tuffy resembles Dick, with her wild eyebrows and white bearded face. Yes, Dick has referred to Tuffy as Junior, meaning her temperament is like mine, an independent dog that gets what she wants!

Another character of Tuffy is that she is neat and clean. She is continually cleaning herself by licking and rubbing her face in the rug, on the bed, or chair. When she comes in from the rain she even rolls over and wipes her back to try it.

Now that we are in Florida, she has to contend with these little briers that stick to her hair. They are a real pain, not only for her but for us also. When she manages to get free from those things they are transferred to us, the rug, the chairs and even on the blanket on our bed.

Tuffy loves the outside but is dismayed when she can not remove those "hitch hikers". You could say it is a trade off—like being outside so deal with the cleaning and chewing off those nasty things. Sometimes those little hitch hikers get so attached to Tuffy she cannot get them off herself. Therefore, it is mom to the rescue.

Tuffy knows I will be coming to help yet she runs to her defense. Here come the comb, the razor, and the scissors! Off she goes under the bed. So I need to catch her as she enters the house, snatch her up, and off to the garage we go with comb and the other tools in hand.

She wants to escape from the process. All the licking and biting would never get those things off her face and behind her legs. As I comb and cut she is patient then wants to jump off the table. Finally the process is just about over, I spray her with baby smelling cologne and set her down. She fluffs her hair, wags her tail and off she goes to retrieve a treat. Tuffy hates the process, yet loves the results.

During the last hitch hiker encounter I started to think how much I was like Tuffy. Maybe you can relate too. Like Tuffy I take joy and pride in caring for myself. Does that ring any bells? Proverbs 11:2 tells us that pride leads to disgrace, but with humility come wisdom. Proverbs 3:5 reminds us to trust in the Lord and with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Yet I go about doing all I know to do to get myself right with God. Or go about taking care of my body on my own knowledge.

Then when I get myself stuck and I need help, at times, I am willing to ask and even look for help from those I love and still forget the lover of my soul. Then the words come flooding into my being "Worry about Nothing" and I quickly look to Luke in all the verses where Jesus tells us not to worry. Luke 12:22 in particular tells us do not worry about your life, what you will eat or about your BODY.

I remember walking around with a headache sometimes for a couple of days before I ask for prayer. Of cause I prayed, took an aspirin, and prayed some more with no effect. Then my last resort was to turn to Dick for prayer. Just a little help from a believer then bam it was gone! Would you say I was somewhat thick headed? Well, how about you? Does the shoe fit you too? I want you to know that is pride! I do not want to admit it but that is the truth!

It is the same with Holy Spirit. He can nudge me and nudge me. And like Tuffy I will run and hide ignoring the prompting to sit still and allow Him to minister to me. I just do not want to discuss it! I have too many other things to do! Is this familiar to you too? I do not like the process yet my spirit longs for the result. And my treat is the freedom from what weighs me down and the freedom to carry out the Father's mission.

As for me, I am going to sit still for a while, listen to the Holy Spirit, and lean on the breast of the lover of my soul. How about you? Are you a bit like Tuffy too?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Narrow Pathway

Distress and Stress and Pressure! In a day dream,I believe I saw a wide road become very narrow. There were many strait and narrow paths .I realized that the Lord is calling us to walk about in narrow places so we can go higher. We must watch that there are no cracks in our walls!. We must walk in faith and not in fear and grief. And just be aware of the narrow place and that God's goodness and GRACE that awaits us there!

I believe God is saying that a new arena is forming and I will narrow the way. You must narrow your desires. I am sanctifying desires and narrowing the arenas through which you will walk. You are entering into new alignments and assignments, and coming into a place that will bring you forth into a realm you have not known. You will come from a dark place into light, but the arena that you have been in is beginning to narrow—to push out and into the new advanced place.

It is the place of Gideon. It is urgent for the Gideon among us to hear and be heard. There is a call coming now into the earthly realm to separate the desires of My people. My people's desires have been muddled with their own desires. The light will begin to shine only on the Lord's plan and purpose for our lives. And the balm of Gideon will fall.

Now is the time to discern the warped ideals of the world and the warped understanding you have because of the environment in which you were schooled.

Today there is less leeway in our lifestyles and decisions. Listen! Listen carefully, for it will look like the days of Gideon. The anointing I will release will be a Gideon anointing that will fall upon your enemies and will cause you to harvest the best of crops! In the realms of work, ministry and personal family

Separate yourself from the world and overthrow the enemy by the words of your mouth and the testimonies of your life. Opportunities will arise in ways you have never experienced! Enter the narrow gate of salvation do not fear change to the extreme. 

Explore the new things of the Spirit. Be a "Raider of the Lost Ark" exploring those deep places within yourself. Expect a new exciting YOU! The passion that I have placed within you will ignite a fire to worship and praise me. Your genuine posture will cause a renascence in the land in which you live!