Friday, October 22, 2010

Be Gentle as a Dove!

Mathew 10:16
I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

In the word there are several places where the Lord describes certain attributes using a dove. I would like to consider some of those attributes and see how we can relate as believers. Ready, let us go and discover how we are like the dove.

Noah sent the dove to find vegetation. Several times the dove came back empty handed, yet each time the dove flew far and wide until it came back with the promise of land; with an olive branch in its mouth. The last time the dove did not return, it left to begin its new life in a land that was regenerated, made new.

We are to be point men like that dove. We are to go and share the gospel with all we meet. We are to go and discover the new life we have with Jesus.

We read in Mark 1:10 where the spirit of the Lord descended upon Jesus LIKE a dove. Notice it said like and not a dove itself! But gently in peace the Spirit of the Lord rested on Jesus calling him into ministry just as it rests on us when we are regenerated, made new in Jesus.

We are like Jesus, called forth to share the truths and manifest the fruits of our faith in Jesus. He who rested on Jesus is resting in us also. We have been regenerated to become the church.

O Jehovah, deliver not the soul of Thy turtledove unto the wild beast (Psalm 74:19) I believe the turtledove here is depicting the life of our faith devoured by the wild beast. So cry out with me, “Lord preserve our faith and do not let it be consumed by those without love for me!” Protect the dove of your faith always treasuring what the Lord has given you. Grow up my friends in the love of Christ, defending the cross with His love and compassion with the eyes of the dove.

Innocent, holy and pure as a dove we come into the presence of the Lord. “I cried like a swift or thrush, I moaned like a mourning dove. My eyes grew weak as I looked to the heavens. I am troubled; O Lord, come to my aid!"In Isaiah 38:14 only those who are innocent and child-like will inherit the kingdom of God.

The dove instinctively seeks shelter while man does not know when to seek shelter in times of trouble. We tend to use our own means, the ways of the world, and the Lord is trying to tell us “Lean on Me, call upon Me and I will give you shelter and provide you for all your needs!” I am referring to Jeremiah 8:7 here.

Doves signify intellectual things: gentle, beautiful, clean, and useful, intellectual truths and goods. Do we have those characteristics? Or are we fierce, ugly, unclean, and useless, like the raven, which is opposed to the dove?

Lord, I pray, that in my life with you I will be gentle and as smart as the dove showing forth Your goodness for the rest of my days!

Monday, October 18, 2010


What's brewing? What's stewing in your pot? What is that babble all about? I have heard that you were conjuring up something?

All these are connotations exciting the young and old. The knowledgeable and the ignorant join in these festivals/traditions of fall-Halloween!

The anticipation of the supernatural is always lurking. Yes, evil as well as the Holy Spirit is searching to and fro to find a place to rest. The scripture tell us the Holy Spirit is like a dove looking for a place to rest His feet.

Everyone is drawn to the supernatural. Christians and heathens alike crave for the supernatural, the thrill of an experience of the paranormal. The Spirit of the Living God or the spirit of death? The choice is yours. I choose life. God promises us abundant life at that.

So if you are sitting over a brewed cup of coffee/tea, let the Holy One come and ignite your soul. What is stewing in my pot? Prayers for individuals attached to each a promise of the Lord to carry them through. A healing touch for their bodies for some and for others a release from emotional distress. Deliverance of bondages, heart aches, and spirits of inheritance. God can do it all. Others need a touch in their minds. God did not give us a spirit of fear but of peace, love, and a sound mind. Fear not for I'll not leave you nor forsake you. Vengeance is mine says the Lord and all judgments and hostilities leave in the mighty name of Jesus.

When the words stop to flow from my lips one can hear the rumblings and groaning come forth-in my prayer language I continue to take every evil thing captive and release the power of the Holy One. I stand, sit, rest my head on a pillow, or pace about knowing well that my obedience to pray sets things in motion. Then all I need to do is wait. Wait and see what the Lord has done! The supernatural happens and once again I can say I have partnered with the master, creator of all, your Father God and mine. There is nothing better than to play a part in the supernatural life He has given us!

With that I say "What are you brewing, stewing, or babbling about?" Is it for good or evil? It is up to you!

Let us pray together: "Lord I release every evil thought or deed I have committed knowingly or in my ignorance. They no longer have any hold on me. I surrender to you Jesus all my life, my soul, my thoughts, and deeds. May I receive your blessing so that I may become a blessing partnering with you in the divine nature you so willingly gave me. In Jesus name I pray."

Monday, October 11, 2010

Faith Power

Did you know that faith has power? Fear, like satan, continues to look to where he may penetrate. When fear lurks the Spirit filled person's faith leaps for joy. Faith makes you laugh at the impossible and obtain the extraordinary! Fear makes people run while faith allows one to stand in peace knowing that their God arises and wins every battle.

Today I am grateful to have been given faith ignited by His grace -- the faith of my salvation. Then the second kind is the faith that knows what Jesus told us is true - faith in Jesus. Lastly the gift of faith that drops into our spirit as we believe for those things not seen to be created as new!

Faith-my faith and your faith is what makes the Father proud!

Have you been growing your faith? It grows by hearing the Word of God, by walking out in what the Holy Spirit is prompting you, by extending what you know to those things not yet accomplished. Our increased faith is acquired by action. The lack of taking action in faith robs and steels us from the blessings the Father has for us. If you do not use it, you will lose it.

So what are you believing for or having faith in? Make Abba Father, your Daddy proud! Use your measure of faith and more will be added to you.