Monday, March 29, 2010

We Are What We Eat

I remember listening to Richard Simmons speaking about we are what we eat. And that we can exercise ourselves to wholeness. I know he is a little different and he does say some corny things. However, the things he promotes are true. We are what we eat. Eat healthy and we become more healthy; we can even loose weight and become more mentally sound!

Dick has been in the computer industry forever-so long that I coined the phrase that he is "Fred Flintstone of computers". When he taught he used the phrase "Garbage in garbage out!" In other words, the answers that program gives you from the data in your computer is only as good as the input you fed into the computer. Therefore, garbage in garbage out!

It is so with our spirit. What we feed our spirit man determines the fruit in our lives. In other words, if we watch trashy movies or listen to trashy music, we become products of that trash. Have you ever heard the saying "Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are?" If we want to become a teacher, we go to school to become one. We study and then practice as student teachers, and then become one. The level of our training and the application of that training will determine what kind of teacher we will be.

The Holy Spirit is our teacher. He will guide us into all truth. He is also the way shower pointing us to Jesus and His teachings and His life style. The Hope of Glory, Christ within us! We are to be molded into His image and likeness. However, that cannot happen if we hang around with the same old same old.

We are expected, by the Holy Spirit to study (the Word of God) to show ourselves approved. We are to lean on Him and yield to His calling and discipline! In those ways we will become what we spiritually eat. More like Jesus. Sit still and know that I am God. After reading scripture sit still and ask, "Holy Spirit, what is happening here? What do you ask of me? How am I to change? What am I to do?"

Today more than ever, I lean on Him. I find myself asking, inquiring, and responding "Here I am Lord use me!" The voice said to me, "Son of man, eat what I am" giving you - eat this scroll! Then go and give its message to the people of Israel." (Ezekiel 3:1)

Lord I pray you continue to work in us all. Lead us Lord, and we will follow! Call us Lord and we shall answer. God only knows what is good for us, no man and no other plan can direct our steps into our destiny. Holy Spirit, you are the man for us. Work in us today!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

From Babies to Friends

Once we had babes to be cared for and nourished in all ways. Now they have grown to be our equals, friends, and peers!

I know I have said in the past that my boys are my babies. I have even told our grandson Ryan that he will always be my baby just like his dad is my baby. He thought that was kind of neat and said he would be my baby even though he was an older brother to Aaron.

In reality, when I look upon our children, I no longer think of them as babies to be feed, sheltered, or cared for in any way. They have grown up and made a life for themselves. They are self sufficient! We have each matured and that is why we can come to one another as equals sharing our God given gifts and talents!

And the scripture was fulfilled that says, "Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness," and he was called God's friend. (James 2:23 NIV)

Abraham was a friend of God. All he had to do is believe and his reward for his belief was a relationship with God. Before original sin, Adam was a friend of God. Adam walked with God in the early morning and in the cool of the night.

Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation. (1 Peter 2:2 NIV)

Just as babies crave milk so they may grow up strong naturally, so we do also in the spiritual sense. We give out children milk so they can grow and be mature enough to eat meat. We help them grow physically. How we embrace them and encourage them grows them emotionally. They will eventually become our friends, just as the Holy Spirit grows us spiritually to become friends of God.

A friend loves at all times! As I understand it a true friend is one who sticks with you no matter the circumstances. His or her love is not dependent on things going well. When I search my heart I know our children are truly our friends. We are here to help one another.

Isn’t it great to know that the time of nurturing and caring for our children has transitioned to the point of loving one another as friends?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Give My Best!

What is your best anyway? How about my best? Is it really my best or is it just an expression we say? Tell so and so I am asking for them! If you were really asking for them why not give them a call? Hey, I am at fault for that one.

Just the other day we were attending a Bible Discovery Group here in Florida and I said "Tell Helen I will call her tomorrow!" Well tomorrow came and so did the morning and most of the afternoon. I could not let those words slip away. I almost made a liar out of myself but fortunately I was convicted by the Holy One. I had an opportunity to change my ways. Mean what you say, Dianne and practice what you preach came into my mind.

The Best is yet to come. Our former years will be greater than the latter! Do you remember that scripture? Does that mean we are putting off our present into the distant future? I certainly hope not! Our lives are continually being transformed and molded, and hopefully molded into the image and likeness of Christ. Nevertheless, molded and transformed in one way or the other.

Give Helen my best! Well I really meant it. We pray for her each night before we close our eyes, along with others. But is that my best? I am not sure. There must be something more. The words that fall out of my mouth can be destructive or productive. Even nice words like Give Helen my best, or Tell Helen I will call tomorrow; I will pray for you. All nice and loving we might think. But do we put action behind those well intentioned words?

As you can see, this is what the Holy Spirit is making me think upon. God the Father's best was the sending of His son to die for our sin so that we may be in relationship and receive our inheritance (eternal life with Him in Heaven). What is He asking of you and me? What do those words really mean? I can only say by faith I shall live out my life. And faith is an action word that requires actions and deeds on our part.

I pray today that we all "Give God our BEST"; the best we know of today and then an increased best tomorrow. May the words that flow from our mouths carry love and healing. May our words be a mere glimpse of the deeds the Lord would have us accomplish. May we become a testament of His glory to all, and that includes ourselves.