Friday, September 4, 2009

By His Blood

Jesus saves by his blood. The Holy Spirit (the spirit of Christ within) comforts, leads, guides, convicts and inspires us to be transformed. He is the pointer of the Way—the pointer to Jesus the Christ.
By the Father's grace we take one big step of faith to be saved then a huge leap to allow the Holy Spirit access in all our ways-in our actions and in the very fiber of our being, the very nature of our character.

Salvation is at hand! For God is near us. He has prepared the way through Jesus' birth and His blood which was shed for us on Calvary. Then came the resurrection! The resurrection is the outpouring of His power to us to live and to choose life itself in this world and in the life to come.

We are living in a time of transition. In transition, there is upheaval and confusion--stretching if you will. Nevertheless, we can continue on the path of righteousness and peace so we may obtain the goal. I have found that the road of peace flows like a river even in the midst of transition. The shifting allows for the sifting of those things not of Him. Those things come out of our lives and out of our selves; all those things preventing us from obtaining His goal and pleasure for our lives.

Together we can make it.. It is just the two of us—the Holy Spirit and me and Holy Spirit and you. As we proceed, the Lord will have us meet others. He will cause our paths to intersect with some and others their paths will join as one!

We are not meant to live alone, but to live in unity with the Holy Spirit and with the brethren alike.

If this is a time of transition for you, know you are not alone. Know this time is meant for good and not evil. Know that God will prevail. Until we meet face to face, blessing, favor and honor be yours, in Jesus name.