Monday, October 29, 2012

Jesus is Calling

Not too long ago friends shared the book Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young with us. They explained how the Lord used it to speak into their lives. Dick and I are not people who are easily swayed. However in this case after a reading and discussion we were convinced that the anointing seeped through the pages as you read. We downloaded it to our Kindle readers. With each day and each reading Holy Spirit quickens within me-love encouragement and a sense I was no longer traveling alone.

A couple of weeks ago I heard a song Jesus Calling and the tears began to stream down my face. It was not luck or coincidence that Jesus was reaching out calling me.

Today Jesus is calling. Quietly, gently His voice travels as sweet summer breeze. He is calling us to live, to love, to enjoy life to the fullest with Him. Jesus is calling us to be a witness in these days of darkness. Jesus is wooing us so He can set our hearts ablaze with our first love and bear His fruit.

Can you hear His tender calling? Take a few minutes to listen; to hear that special message for you! In His loving arms I go for love, protection, and for His goodness to pour over me.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Do I Know you?

Do I really know you? Do I know my dearest friend, husband, and soul mate? Do you know your mate? Do they really know you? Better still do I really know myself? My inner thoughts, desires, cares, and goals -- do I know them? Are they pure in God's sight? Is my vision skewed, distorted, or judgmental? Am I seeing and measuring people using myself as the plum line. Or better still am I using God's Word to judge and criticize others instead of using the Word to grow my character?

What I really know is that our Father in heaven really knows us. In Biblical terms, He knows us intimately. He knows our strengths and weaknesses, our most intimate desires, and goals and dreams that are pure and righteous. He knew us before conception and has a plan for us for good. He wants us to come closer to His flame to enlighten and purify us. This is the season for more in our lives-more change, more love, more faith, and life unspeakable.

Our hearts and dreams are being held in the potters fire and will perfect us into vessels of honor. Out of obedience comes a love relationship. There is a love story of reconciliation to be obtained, a story of restoration in, friendships, and bonds to occur in the natural with family. Bonding with our heavenly Father's love comes first and the rest will follow

Jesus made the way for us to travel this journey. Holy Spirit is our guide, protector, and enforcer. He strengthens us and encourages us on our life's journey.
Be open and take a look around and see His light shining through the darkness. Follow the light, the truth, and the way and all things will abound to you.

Today was my 8th week of chemotherapy treatment, the second week of the new stronger dose. It was not without the darkness of side effects-but GOD! When the darkness hit, His light abounds! Amen.

We call things that are not into existence. I believe therefore I conceive His miraculous touch. You too can reach out and touch the hem of His garment and His living virtue will flow into you. Just for you. The father's loving touch goes beyond all rational and natural abilities and brings the supernatural right down to earth into your being.

Be inspired today for He is with us. By the tender love of the Father anything is possible. The faith of a mustard seed will move your mountain. Now just think on those things from above and see what wonder will happen for you, your family, and those whom you come to meet and greet. AMEN.

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Meditation

May the meditation from our hearts, spoken with our lips be embedded in our being. In Jesus name we pray.

God is my shelter in times of storms. He brings me treasures in times of darkness. He is my refuge when the enemy attacks. He fortifies my temple when I am under siege. He brings peace in times of chaos and love when the enemy surrounds us with hate. When I cry out He answers me with His loving arms. He embraces me. As I lift my head from His breast to gaze into His eyes He allows me to touch His goodness and receive His grace. Surly, His mercy endures forever. His patience endurance allows the hope of His glory to shine through my soul.

When man brings doom, God brings a brighter future. Yes, His promise to live a long fruit filed life is mine. Each time I reach out He is there with the answer to my prayer. When sorrow strikes He brings gladness. For with the strength of the Lord comes joy everlasting. His comfort comes to encourage as His glory falls upon me and His Spirit bubbles up from my belly... spilling over everywhere I go.

Be it places of disappointments or places of joy no matter what He is there . I give my life and my every breath to exalt His holy name. Each trial will bring glory; each victory a praise! Each accomplishment will bring encouragement to others; each hardship traveled in His loving peace will lead others to their victory.

So this day our heavenly Father shouts "Be courageous and bold. Take Jesus by the hand. Allow Holy Spirit to lead and provide and your life will be fruit filled. For Jesus is the King of Kings!"