Monday, November 22, 2010

His Majesty

The morning began before the world here was stirring. For me that is how it felt. There was a blanket of darkness all around and the still of the night was ever present. Yes, I was awake at five this morning. For those who know me, you could say it was in the middle of my night.

Dick was stirring around, coffee was brewing yet there was a quite I had to take advantage of. I sat in my chair-should say I sat in my mother-in-laws chair that has now found a home in KY. I settled in wearing a hooded sweater and sat. I sat and sat. No thoughts, not even a sound I uttered. Then I realized I was sitting in His holy presence. My existence was sponging up His eternal love and acceptance.

Now the dawn is beginning to come and I can sense the energy beginning to arise. In my mind I began to dwell on the day and what lies ahead. More packing, lunch in Somerset with Miss and the little Miss, stop at Lowe's etc, etc.

What a busy life we lead! How full we make it! How little time we give our maker who is continually calling: "Come, there is peace, and rest for your souls. Sit awhile with Me and I shall give you strength for the day. I shall give you wisdom and opportunity to serve today. Come and love on Me, the Lover of Your Soul!"

So today in the wee hours of the morning, I sat and acknowledged His almighty majesty! How about you?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Do Not Wait

Don't Wait
Until everything is just perfect.
Until you know it all.
Until all is presentable in your sight

Don't Wait
We will never have all the answers
Our homes will never be finished for guests
We will never be satisfied with the knowledge we have in Christ

Let us face it We will never be ready to present the Gospel
We will never be ready to have guests enter our homes

So go with what you know and what is done at the present. As you go and invite you will grow in Him personally and as a body of Christ you will grow in numbers-giving praises to the King.

Jesus did not want to perform the miracle of changing water into wine. He said it was not His time yet. Yet he listened to mom! So today receive me as your mom-grandma

There is never a perfect time, the right place, moment, or season to present Christ. Life is what it is-imperfect. It is always revolving, transforming, becoming!

Jesus told his disciples to go and tell making disciples as they go! They did not feel they were ready either. Yet they prayed and as the Spirit presented Himself to them they were filled with GRACE, the power from above. So they went out telling all what they knew. They too, grew as they went. They Added to the Kingdom of God as they went about doing their Fathers business, as did Jesus.

So jump right in. Take the plunge. Be exposed as you are in Christ. Stretch your faith in Jesus; as you do you shall grow into great faith with great numbers following Christ.

Let us celebrate today! Today is the day! Jesus is Alive and now is the time. This is the place. Just as others see us they too will see Jesus!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fleeting Thoughts

Have you ever had a fleeting thought? It is brilliant, it is so right, so perfect. Yes, it was from God. Then off we go continuing with whatever and along the way we forget that brilliant implant God wanted us to grow.

"Next time!" We promise God we will stop, ponder, and think about the thought He sent our way. It happens again and again! We are the ones missing out! Next time Lord, I will stop and ponder, write and study so that wonderful implant will take root. I will explore it with you, Holy Spirit so that your perfect nature can be exposed within me.

Don't we all want His perfect nature to be revealed within us? See it is not always in those obvious sinful actions that we disobey the Lord. It is the little foxes that spoil the vine! It is those small things that He drops into our spirit that we ignore that spoils it for us. In subtle nudges and fleeting thoughts He instills and instructs us ever so softly. Those are the things I am working on. To hear and obey. Not to hear and put off until later. Later comes and I have missed it. Missed the revelation, missed a blessing, missed a time to be an instrument of faith.

Something so trivial, you might think. It all seems to be such a very small insignificant thing yet it is so vital to the larger picture. How complete is a puzzle with missing pieces? Not so complete is it? We are like that puzzle and each time we put off what the Holy Spirit has for us we are incomplete. Thank God for His mercies are new every morning. Yes, we have missed a piece. Yet if we continue on in Him we will become complete.

Pray this along with me: "Lord, this day I pray I will become more sensitive to Your voice. Make me more obedient to follow through with those fleeting thoughts that You place within me. Forgive my procrastination and preoccupation with other things. Lord thank you for making me aware of my short comings so that I may bear fruit for You."