Monday, March 25, 2013


Ever had to wait...?

Waiting in line
Waiting at the Doctors office
Waiting for a server at the restaurant
Waiting to be seated
Waiting for someone to pick you up
Waiting to be waited on

You can probably think of other times or places you have had to wait. How about waiting for your wife to finish getting ready to leave the house? Good one!

Well, waiting is not my strong suit. When I want something or get a certain thing in my mind I want the result pronto. I just expect poof it is done; it is here! Well maybe I am not all that bad, but pretty close. Sooner is better than latter in my book. How about you?

Psalm 27: 14 NIV
Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

Thank God waiting on Him is so different to me. Waiting on God is exciting and filled with serendipities and mixed with His love and pleasures. Waiting on God is inspiring and fulfilling. It is when the unexpected and impossible happens.

Don't get me wrong, there were and are times when I get restless. But then, I realize I have taken my eyes off God and on the natural circumstances.

The flesh is not where it is at. It is the spirit, our spiritual nature that prevails and is most important. When our focus becomes clear the flesh or natural man catches up with what God has already done!

Life is an exciting journey filled with beautiful sites and wonderfully made people and perfect circumstances. Yes, even the most tragic thing can be a wonderful blessing. People are made in His image and likeness; just like the mountains and seas they can take our breath away in awe-The Lord Himself can captivate our souls.

If you have ever been desperate you might have said a pray like Hezekiah said when he found out his death was imminent.

Isaiah 38:2,3 NASB
Then Hezekiah turned his face to the wall, and prayed to the LORD, and said, "Remember now, O LORD, I beseech Thee, how I have walked before Thee in truth and with a whole heart, and have done what is good in Thy sight." And Hezekiah wept bitterly.

How we can learn to wait? By TRUSTING God alone. No man or situation is too great for God. No man or thing can take God's place.

Is that enough? No, we must REJECT all things, people, or places that are not of God. We should not look to our resources first. We should look toward Holy Spirit to lead us to the correct resources. We need to trust in the Lords leading and His competence above all else.

Then PRAY. Stop all your planning, thinking and stop talking to all who will listen. Just go to God. Talk to Him. This is how I do it; it is a two part prayer.

1. Ask God to remember you. If you believe that your horrendous circumstances are true go to God with your petition.
2. Rehearse your life with God. As Him to show you where you fell short. Then repent and go forward. Celebrate your devastating times and your great achievements with Him.

Then wait for a response. And He will respond. He is a God that never fails. He is a God who uses all life encounters to protect, strengthen, redirect and recommit ourselves to Him.

Hezekiah came through and the Lord saw to it to add fifteen years to his life. The Lord is waiting on your entrance to the throne room so He can extend to you a gift of life that will bear witness to the world in which you live. Hezekiah wrote a poem of thanks. You might want to write yours now and celebrate the great things God is about to do. (Isaiah 38: 9-20) It will take you from rags to riches, from sickness to health, from loneness to community. He is ready, are you?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Josephs Coat

Joseph's promise is the fulfillment of God's promise to you. Joseph carried a promise of greatness. He dreamed of greatness and rulership, victory, and influence. His brothers sold him and as a result destroyed their own future because of their jealousy.

Joseph represents that prophetic voice to your family and your source of influence. Don't sell your source of greatness, your future. Don't attempt to destroy that voice within that carries positive messages and a bright future.

This voice that came to destroy, that breeds unbelief and rage within you also tries to spread doubt and destroy your influence. Joseph was thrown into a pit to prevent him from being a powerful person in others lives.

So if you feel you were thrown into the pit, keep seeking His face because you will bring people out of slavery into a place of kingship. Remember what happened to Joseph?

When Israel sold their brother they lost the prophetic voice to Egypt. They were Kings turned to slaves.

Some brothers and sisters in the Lord have sold rejected the gifts the Lord has placed in you. Yet, the Lord will place you in Egypt (the world) and they will benefit from your gifts and your presence just like Egypt benefited from Joseph. Then, your Christian family will recognize your Godly gifts to the body.

2013 is a year of greatness. It is our year of acceleration and of spiritual growth. This is a year of advancement in His Kingdom and progressive steps being taken by you with His unmerited favor and empowerment (GRACE).

Let us embrace the promise of greatness and of influence. Let us set the captives free by joining in what the Spirit has begun.

Monday, March 11, 2013


I have noticed lately some venom spewing from my mouth. I have become snippy. My words have a sharp edge to them. I have been judging with a sense of righteousness that is creeping and flowing through my flesh. Pointing the finger and blaming others is totally living in the flesh and NOT of God.

Unfortunately those who are closest to me-my husband-gets the tongue lashing, he does not deserve. If you find yourself in this place, please pray with me knowing the first step is recognition-admission of sin and that now is the time of letting go.

Holy Spirit used a girlfriend of mine to convict me. If Holy Spirit is convicting you do not hesitate; pray with me saying:

"Lord I come running to your throne room of mercy-forgiveness and grace-your unmerited favor and your empowerment to rise above my emotions. I sit and wait at your feet abiding in Your love and being infused with your transformation power that only you can give. Thank you Lord for setting me free from judgments as I release those judgments I have passed onto others. Create in me a new heart of joy, peace, and edification. Now I wait and ask 'Lord, what do you have for me?' Amen."

Take this time to journal what the Lord is whispering in your heart. If you like, share it with me and other friends and watch the Lord set the captives free.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Word of the Lord

"Before the beginning of time I have set a course if you will; a path for you to walk. This path is made for no other. It is a path of great joys and great sorrows. It is a path of great growth and celebrations. A path with failures that strengthen you and pain that builds endurance and persistence. Much confidence is your portion. Count it all joy for this path will bring about renewal and healing.

"I have prepared time of communion with you on this path and special communion with others. So embrace what awaits you. Embrace in anticipation of my presence and expect the supernatural expression of my Love to be evident in your life and the lives of others you touch. Grace and Mercy is your portion. For there will be times I will sweep you off your feet and bring you to sit on my lap. There you will gain perspective and live in a dimension above all odds and all destructive circumstances.

"You shall be called blessed among many in the world. Some of the church may take offence because of the unmerited favor you have with me. Do not let jealously, envy, or greed enter your domain. Instead remain focused and live your life in Christ Jesus.

"I tell you these things to encourage you in times of trials and in time of testing. For my love overrides all the world and you shall reign and rule with me in heavenly places! "