Monday, April 29, 2013

God is Sovereign

But that does not mean He does not want our involvement with His work. So you might ask how do we join in with the Lord's handiwork? So I sat and thought about it and came up with these:
  1. Prayer of protection against the wiles of imagination and works of divination
  2. Prayer of thanksgiving and releasing of angelic forces around yourself and all those involved.
  3. Prayer of wisdom for all caregivers and their protection and well being
  4. Prayer for healing both physical and emotional.
Jesus spent time to withdraw from the crowds and withdraw from ministry before He entered another dimension of his journey. His ministry began when he entered his late 20s. However, there were times when he was younger when he spoke in the temple and at the marriage feast. "God the Father gave him a sense of his ministry then to help him prepare for what was to come. I believe our Father God does the same with us.

You might ask does He act upon our request and petitions. The answer is yes. The question is "Does it line up with the word and is your mind focused in on Christ Jesus? Asking for His will then we are joining in?

     5.  Pray for the abundant life here and in eternity.
     6.  Ask for the completion of the race He has set before us!
          If you know the specifics, pray them through.
          If not ask and they will be given to you.

Remember sovereign means He can do anything at any time using any means He chooses to bring about His plan. But with all that, let us consider His mercies that are new every morning and His grace is sufficient for us to live a victorious life!

So welcome prayer warriors to the battleground-fighting against powers and principalities of darkness. Be renewed in your body, mind and spirit. There might be some of you who are considering prayer, I suggest that you begin with these simple suggestions and ask Holy Spirit to open up the doors of opportunities and lead you into victory. Pray and then sit back and watch God work with His sovereign hand.

The Lord is calling us into relationship and I cannot think of a better way to get to know Him better. Experience His love and power firsthand in your life and in the life of your loved ones.

For you experienced prayer warriors, send in your comments and additions to share with us all. Either email them to me at or post them here on my blog.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Looking for Roots of unforgiveness and resentment

Receiving His forgiveness is easy-it is forgiving myself that takes time. Fighting my nature to hold onto grudges plays a part in forgiveness. Lord, help me to experience people for who they are in You and to over look their character flaws and pray they do the same with me! Tall order don't you think? But it is possible.

Communion with Jesus is essential to spiritual growth and new character development. I say when you feel His tugging yield and do what the Spirit is leading and He will also provide the tools that will point you in the direction of your spiritual and physical wellness.

Some tools to use could be books on prayer, devotionals like "Jesus Calling" and journaling about your walk. Each of these may lead to breakthrough. Use a journal that uses scripture for meditation and renewal of your mind. These work for me.

Sitting under the anointing whether it is worship music or teaching from the platform. For me it is important that I surround myself with people to confide in. They are those who have my best interest at heart. They are able to speak into your life and pray through circumstances with you sometimes leading you into deeper waters of intimacy with our creator.

Romans 8:5-6 To be carnal leads to death but being spiritual minded leads to life and peace.

On the onset of taking chemo I remember people praying for me in a church in Kentucky. It was there I began a new walk. I cried out "I TRUST You Lord", I TRUST You. (Proverbs 3:5-6) That fellowship with believers was awesome for me; because when I could not pray for myself they stood in the gap with Jesus and prayed the Word over my life and filled my blind spots with love and support.

Embracing the fact that cancer is a reality in my life sharpened my awareness of many things. It showed me how God has set nature in place; how each individual has been created for an extraordinary purpose and how fallible I am without the Fathers loving arms embracing me. Cancer for me is a reality; but trusting in God's plan and purpose in my life is a greater reality. He had begun a work many years ago and He will finish it. Amen! In these times of weakness He is valiant to show forth His goodness. For me I am taking this time to become more intimate with my heavenly Father and more sensitive to His ways.

Years back there was a great move of God in Lakeland FL. I had the privilege of attending some of the meetings and to bring others to experience a new facet of God.

I am not a person who goes out looking for a buzz of God or to hear an ear tickling word. I am looking to deepen my awareness, my love and my intimacy with the Lord. I know I grow as I experience Him more in my life. Sometimes those experiences propel me into places I need to grow into. Sometimes it is confirmation of what the Lord has already shown me. And other times it is an ouch, I need to change.

We all know that new beginnings start with forgiveness. Sometimes after the forgiveness we all need to walk through the consequences. And forgiveness for God is a onetime forever thing but for us sometimes it is layers of letting go and letting God in to fill every area with love and acceptance.

Our past should never be boasted about with pride. Our past is simply our history that can help free others from their sin as well. Holy Spirit will help us walk in such humility that others will be freed from their past as well. The shame and blame is gone in the shed blood of Jesus. To embrace our past is just one way the Lord can use us. It is our past that helped mold who we are today. We are forgiven and set free to be used as a tool to free others! Are you ready to be used?

Father, today I pray you loosen those chains of unforgiveness and resentment we carry in our lives. Bring us to another place of freedom. A place where I am molded and shaped into your image, a place to be able to set the captives free. In Jesus Name

Monday, April 15, 2013

He Never Sleeps

Holy Spirit never sleeps; He never is idle. He is always on guard and working in our lives.

Yes, even when we don't commune with Him He is actively setting up the plan, clearing paths and arranging for the time of intimacy with you and I.

Have you ever noticed a time in your life when you think you've got it all together and are handling things just fine and you don't even communion with Him? Then suddenly you hit a wall, fall in a pit, and you cry "Father, help me!"

Well, Holy Spirit has already planned a way out. All we need to do is reach out to Him. He has already provided provision.

Just as we wait upon the Lord, He waits upon us! What a good God we serve; what a marvelous gift Jesus provided for us. What a wonder. What a joy it is to serve such a mighty, most caring, and most loving God.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Gird Your Loins

The other day I was speaking to our daughter about the armor of God and how important it is for us to apply and wear the armor. Today I will not talk about the armor but about a revelation I had as I was listening to a message.

John 13: 3-15 describes how the Lord took off his outer garments and girded himself with a towel then proceeded to wash the apostles' feet.

Notice he took off his outer garments-just as we take off self in preparation of becoming more like Jesus. I could not help but relate the armor of God with the towel. Jesus girded his loins with, the appropriate cloth for the task at hand... this reminds me to wash myself with the Word of God for strength, edification, encouragement, and to prepare for the tasks at hand. Just as Jesus made himself ready so must we.

Serving our purpose goes beyond any offence and goes beyond the offender. There is great value in serving. Serving uplifts and upholds the Kingdom of God and is destructive to the enemy and his territory of darkness. I just love to serve. That is I love to entertain and cook for others. I like to dress a nice looking table and serve different yet great meals. For me serving is something I can offer. whether it is in the food department, prayer department, or by just being a friend. I believe when people get together it is like opening up a treasure chest. They present themselves to me and I to them. What a treasured gift they become to me. It is a process to realize our purpose is to serve and share; to pray and wait expecting God to move. Being a blessing to another is a purpose God has placed within each of us. The way we carry that out is the special treasure He has given us.

You might even say when we share our lives it is like disclosing hidden manna to another. This only happens when we are inclusive and transparent. God can use us to sow seed and to establish the Kingdom of God within them. However, our preparation is essential. We must trust in the Lord with all our might and our mind. We must be rooted and grounded in the Word of God, building up our inner man. And be firmly embedded in the Kingdom of God meaning showing the fruits of righteous, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

We must not take the body of Christ for granted. Find a place to worship and a place where there are men and women who have the same ideals as you. When you are accomplishing these you will find your purpose and you will begin to walk. Steady as she goes, shouts the captain of a ship. I would say "Humble as you go. (Philippians 4:2).

Jesus always pulled himself from the crowds so He could pray to the Father and listen for the next instruction obtaining more power from the throne room. If it was good for Jesus, it is doubly good for us!. Sometimes it takes much prayer to look beyond our foolish pride and our circumstances. Humility is a source of strength. If we can humble ourselves in the Lord's presence; He will always lift us up. Titles are not important to the Lord. Listening and obeying are on top of His list. This takes practice and time on our part.

"Today is a new day. Help me Lord to stay close to you so I can become the servant You want me to be. May I become more humble in Your sight and be an instrument that shines Your light. The big issue is for me to be able to look beyond circumstances and see Your loving arms outstretched over your children. And Lord, don't allow my foolish pride to get in the way of your power source that can reach others. In Jesus name I pray."

Monday, April 1, 2013


His grace can only work through our humility; that is letting go of our self and allowing God to work it all out. Humble yourself in the site of the Lord and He will lift you up.

Then our faith is in place by believing. Faith a decision to believe-if you will. He will provide-Grace-Wisdom and Knowledge we need for living. It is His grace that allows us to the other side of our challenges, pain and yes our every day circumstances

What an exciting life of faith, linked with obedience-all things are possible. Where faith is activated fear is released. We then can live in another realm and become water walkers like Peter.

Have you ever taken for granted a person or a community or organization? I have taken my husband for granted. I just expect him to take care of my medical, physical and financial needs. Tall order wouldn't you say? After listening to pastor speak on servant hood, I was gently convicted by the words Holy Spirit ignited in pastor's talk. What a wonderful gift my servant husband really is. See, I was choosing my desires not giving any regard to what the Lord has provided me through my husband.

Tell you what...when I let go of myself and see how faithful and loving my 'servant' husband is I am able to release "self'. You and I can grab hold of God's Grace and never turning our backs on His faithfulness.

I came to an understanding that I am not the most important individual on this planet. However, God's plan and purpose for me is! How is your understanding of His Grace, His will and His faithfulness in your life?

Our God can never fail. He proves Himself time and time again. As for myself, I see His grace at work in the manner I am living through adversity and I see His grace working in my husband. How he cares, prays and watches over my every need.

Today trust is easy when all you can see is the Lord's marvelous intervention in our lives.

Lord I pray this day for Your power to cause us hope in you. Lord cause our Trust in you to grow. Turn us into water walkers, full of faith in you. Let there be more of you in us and less of self. In Jesus Name.

PS: Embrace your brokenness of sickness weakness and of emotional hurts, etc. When we do we can look up into the Loving eyes of God and declare "Your grace is sufficient for me and Your power is made perfect in my weakness. Therefore, embrace your weakness and boast about the Christ's power that resides in us all. (2 Corinthians 12:9)