Monday, May 28, 2007


1 Thessalonians 5:24 God who calls you, is faithful; he will do this.

Compromise! That is a word to ponder. The question is "How do I compromise"? When do I compromise? Is my compromising led by the Holy Spirit or do I allow the friendships of others and "peace at all costs" contribute to my compromising?

There are many things in life that don't make a difference in the grand scheme of things--and don't affect our body, mind and soul. So we let those things slide by and allow others to take the lead.

For example, when we want to spend time with family and friends it does not matter where we gather or go to eat. Whatever is good for them, I'll comply to achieve relationship. I have no preference of time, place, etc...

In the same respect, I am not too opinionated when it comes to making business, financial decisions. My husband takes on that responsibility and I comply. However, there have been times that I am strongly opinionated!

For example, we just purchased a new car. We both did our research and made a decision on what car to purchase. Then when it came down to the count, I had a strong opinion on the horsepower of the vehicle. It was easy for both of us to come to a compromise. We mutually agreed on the larger engine!

Most times then none, I have a good stance on what I believe to be true for me; sometimes I just get a 'gut' Holy Spirit prompting. Then I am immovable. For example, I remember one time we were invited to do a meeting in DC and Dick did not want to go... He had all the right reasons and I agreed on them; yet, I was obstinate... The Holy Spirit would not let me waver. He reminded me of when I said I would go everywhere we were invited! That did it for me. I was immovable. We went and saw many miracles.

There are so many variables in compromising. Compromise is a concept of finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms—often involving variations from an original goal or desire (according to Wikipedia.)
Here are some areas I never compromise.
  • Never compromise the Word of God!
  • Never compromise the Lord's integrity!
  • Never compromise the Lord's intention for your life!
  • Never compromise the safety of yourself or others!

With all of that said, I don't believe there should be much compromising in my life. Yes, I might compromise on my favorite place to eat--compromise the quiet bliss of our home and enjoy our grandchildren--compromise the length of my vacation to be in family's presence--compromise visits to the beach or allotted time I would rather be alone.

Those are the compromises people do not see or hear about. Those compromises are between me and God.

You might consider the compromises in your life. You will find that God is faithful to meet you in those areas and produce much joy in your innards. You will be surprised that these compromises are not compromises at all. They are acts of sheer love for God expressed to others through you and me!

That is my prospective for today. On another day I may change my mind or add to the list!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Peace or Peace?

If you want a happy life and good days, keep your tongue from speaking evil, and keep your lips from telling lies. Turn away from evil and do good. Work hard at living in peace with others. (NLT 1 Peter 3:10-11 )

There are two kinds of peace happening ... One peace is that of the natural harmony that occurs when people are in agreement with each other... Like the weather is peaceful when it is calm and the sky is blue.

Then there is that peace from above. That peace you have residing within no matter who you are with and no matter what circumstances you may find your self in.

To acquire this peace you are to get set free from the hooks of your past and the hooks others hold on you. Wow! To know who you truly are in Christ and walk in the confidence that He is all you need to fulfill your life and happiness.

This is easier said then done. However, your Lord and Savior is willing if you are willing to listen to His Spirit and become whole. Just as Jesus walked on the calmed stormy waters of nature; the Holy Spirit can calm the stormy waters of your soul and heal your emotions.

Be at Peace, and know that the Lord your God will lead you into His peace!

Read Jude v20 to the end... Meditate on these scriptures and others so the Lord may speak to you giving you wisdom and the peaceful assurance of His grace that awaits you. Know that as you pursue The friendship of the Lord you shall grow in His abiding love and His peace will be evident in your life

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Getting Caught Up

I decided I was going to read some of Joyce Myer magazines and read Joan's book.  Even through I'm not a fan of reading others materials I began my quest into their lives and thoughts and experiences.
Speaking for myself-- always seeking God in a new experience in a new way of sorts, new expression of His mighty hand. Yet after reading these gals and other authors I find that their findings are the same as mine; even some of the experiences in their life are the same! baa! hum bug:( I thought  'I' was special waiting on God--searching for answers to life's dilemmas--asking for words to express God's truths in a unique way.  !  I am more inclined to believe that the process is the same for all of us.  What makes us unique is that we choose to seek--to read--to listen and most important to act on the Word in obedience to the Holy Spirit. 
God is soooo good in bringing me to a humble place.
If you are looking for a new and spectacular event/ experience of God, remember He works the same with you as all His children. 
Take another look; inquire of those who have gone before you and have achieved what you are aspiring to in God.  Their experience could hold the key for your, it could be the catalyst to reaching your God given promise. 
Most importantly ACT.  Take action on your findings and be obedient and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into the wellness and wholeness God has for you. 
Take Action Today!
For me this time of reading others experience and findings tells me to remain humble;  His hand is upon me and I am on the right track.  I pray He brings you to the His awareness in your life.