Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Journey is the Destination!

Just think about that! It is our journey that helps mold and develop our character. Sometimes we are so goal focused that we miss the supernatural works all around us.

Our journey is the destination, a phrase that I heard recently from a missionary family!

When we first came to Florida last November a dear friend of mine ministered to me about living in the moment; a moment in time. She said, "Live in the moment". There is no need for doing--just being. Just being can be a powerful witness to those around us. I found that as I focused on the moment the Lord was able to carry me through the next and the next. That is what the Lord wants from all--to live in the moment in Him so He may guide and direct every step.

We are all powerless unless we apply TRUTH to our lives. Now if we live out of our human minds the truth is natural and factual or carnal if you will. It is the morality of the day and is law. However, when we live our lives in the Word of God we can apply His truth to our daily moment by moment walks.

It really does not matter how many times we fail. It matters that we are walking and living in His presence--allowing the lord to pick us up so we can carry on. Sometimes He has to carry us to the next place. Now that is TRUTH!

Today we come boldly to the throne of grace and allow the Lord to take control, asking Him for His Truth to mold us through these life circumstances we find ourselves in. Yes, we are powerless Lord without you and your grace. And Yes Lord, we know you are lenient with us because of our humanity. In Jesus name, keep us focused to live by the moment!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year

Well it is a new year. And I am began with a triple dose of chemo. Awesome visit with the doctor who was full of good news, even to his surprise. My heart just sores and shouts. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit for leading and guiding and performing a miracle in my life in my body and in my spirit.

I am very thankful for all of you who are praying for me; standing in the gap with our chief intercessor, Jesus. Thank you prayer warriors, friends, family, and even those whom I do not know who are praying for a miraculous intervention from our Lord.

This is going to be a very progressive year. A year of reconciling to the Lord and reconciling families. The body of Christ will take on a new demeanor. Get ready, keep on your knees and most importantly live life moment by moment in the Spirit of the Lord. We will be a witness to those we are not even aware of.

Get ready to shed the weight you have been carrying and trade it for the presence of Holy Spirit. As for me I have had to shed some hair, some rotten attitudes, and perceptions for the glory and wisdom of the Lord. Get ready to let the professionals handle their jobs, do what you can, and leave the rest to the Lord.

This is a year of letting go and letting God. For man can only do what they know but it is the Lord that performs the miraculous. The Lord is going to perform amazing works in many physically and spiritually.

I trust that the Lord is completing the work He has begun in each of us. We just need to be still and see life as He does. We need to open your minds to possibilities and open our hearts to the Spirit. He is near and waiting for an invite in!

Blessings for a wonderfully loved filled New Year. May your hearts be filled with JOY. dianne