Monday, November 18, 2013

Roller Coaster Ride

The last two years have been just that. My mind and emotions riding the terrors of cancer and my body screaming for resolve.

At one time I would tell myself to find the eye of the storm and stay there. There it is quiet and peaceful. There is rest in the eye of the storm.

Now I realize it is not the calm of the eye that is healing it is retreating and living out of my spirit man. There I am the true woman God made me to be. There lies my inner belief system in Christ and there is the secret to my healing.

At times reading and quoting scripture seems to be meaningless for my mind and emotions. Thank God for the years of laying hands on the sick and digging into the Holy one for security and peace. Nothing on the outside remains in truth. But the inside is stable and knows the truth.

I share this today to nudge others back to their spirit man and the reality of the Word of God. For He is faithful to finish the work He has begun in you and me. It is for each of us to work it out and to walk it out in our spirit man through meditation on the Word and listening and obeying His lead.

Pray with me today.

"Lord thank you for this opportunity to repent. Thank you for procuring the promise of life for my body, mind, and spirit. Today, Lord, I am yours and you are mine. I will position myself to receive all that you have for me. In Jesus name, I pray."

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