Monday, November 11, 2013

The Butterfly

It all started with the idea of painting a butterfly. At the beginning of the cancer journey a friend of mine prophesied over me proclaiming new life. She saw hundreds of butterflies around me. That could have been the catalyst for the idea of painting a butterfly.

This year our eight year old granddaughter got an idea in her mind to do a school project on a butterfly. She began her research on butterflies that ended up with her collecting caterpillars and those in cocoons as well. One gave birth to a beautiful butterfly.

Well I finished my painting and sent a picture to her dad. She called me and told me that the butterfly I painted was the same kind that came out of the cocoon she had in captivity. It was a Monarch butterfly. It was a beautiful and colorful butterfly and we both had one.

So I take hold of this divine timing believing Lord you are speaking life into me; into my body, mind and spirit. Life is breathing upon me.

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